Menu Pte. Ltd. Food & Drinks Group came into being in 2007.

MENU Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based business, is the parent company of a group of establishments – Brewerkz Restaurant & Microbrewery and Café Iguana – both of which are located in Singapore.

Previously known as, Brewerkz Singapore Pte Ltd, it was founded in 1997 to set up Brewerkz Restaurant & Microbrewery, an iconic haven for high quality American food and a full range of award-winning premium beers handcrafted on-site. Brewerkz was the brain-child of US-born Devin Otto Kimble and Daniel Flores, who initially modeled it after similar concepts in the USA and Canada.

The name MENU was chosen to elucidate the two ways the venture is operated. Firstly, it is about the offerings of a food service establishment as the group provides a “menu” of concepts.  Secondly, the term MENU can be broken down into Me ‘n U. Kimble notes that, “Food & Beverage operators are successful because they are relevant to a significant number of people. Our success is partially about who we are as a company. That’s the “me” part. But it is also about the people who come and see us every day. So the MENU is a device to let everyone know that our success is not just about what we do, but because of the terrific response that we have received from our customers.”

Today, the MENU Group has developed into a fully-fledged multi-concept food and beverage model that operates a portfolio of Western-style food and beverage operations in an Asian context.